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Land interviews and get hired faster with a winning CV.


Our vision of the CV
To us, your CV is not only a document presenting your educational background, skills, and professional experience. 

It's a one-pager summarizing all the above in a clear, concise, and eloquent wayImportantly, it's likely to be your first contact with a hiring manager: you better get it right!

We make sure your CV:

  • Is clear and tailored to the position

  • Is ATS (Applicant Tracking System)-friendly

  • Highlights your achievements

  • Showcases you as one of the best candidates

Let's take your career to the next step together, book your meeting with us below!

  • Meet us and get a professional opinion on your current CV

    29 euros
  • We edit your existing CV or draft a brand new one for you

    90 euros
  • We edit your existing CV or draft a brand new one for you

    60 euros
  • CV workshop with Alexandre, best practices and Q&A


    9.50 euros
  • We edit your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile or draft new ones

    250 euros

How does it work?

Legal Handshake

1. Meet us

Meet one of our writing consultants and share your objectives.

Casual Meeting

3. Give feedback

Meet with us again if you need final adjustments to be made.

Modern Laptop

2. Receive a first draft

We craft a modern, tailored, ATS-friendly CV for you.

On the Desk

4. You're good to go!

Once the adjustments are made and you're 100% satisfied, time to apply!

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