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Creating an Impactful Company LinkedIn Banner

Creating an impactful company LinkedIn banner

What is a company LinkedIn banner?

A company LinkedIn banner is the long horizontal image on the very top of your LinkedIn company page. It's one of the very first visuals any of your profile visitors see first, in addition to your LinkedIn profile picture and your company description.

Professional LinkedIn banners have great potential for making your business appear more professional, and attractive, and trigger visitors' curiosity about your brand.

It's one of the many elements on LinkedIn you can leverage to help increase the impact of your professional social media profile.

How to make the best of company LinkedIn banners?

If you've created or are planning to create a banner for your company page on LinkedIn, make sure you do it right! If you're still a small operation, there are many free tools out there, namely Canva, which can help you create a LinkedIn banner within a few minutes.

If you're a larger company, your community managers and graphic design department might know what to do and be able to bring creative ideas to promote your company brand and make your profile stand out with an attractive LinkedIn banner!

We've added a few LinkedIn banner templates below, for each LinkedIn cover photo idea which can potentially increase the impact of your company profile.

What are the dimensions of a company's LinkedIn cover photo?

Recommeded LinkedIn banner dimensions

The recommended LinkedIn banner size is 1400 x 425 pixels.

7 elements to insert onto your company LinkedIn banner

1) Company prizes and awards

Your LinkedIn background is a great place to showcase prizes recently awarded to your organisation. This is especially interesting if you're selling products using raw materials or in an industry under scrutiny in terms of sourcing practices.

On the other hand, if you're actively recruiting, presenting a "Great Place to Work Certified 2022" label will send a strong signal to talents considering jobs at your company.

Examples of labels you can feature on your LinkedIn background image:

  • Great Place to Work Certified

  • Best Workplaces for Women, Best Workplaces for Millenials, Best Workplaces for Parents

  • Top 10 LinkedIn Dutch start-up

  • Fair Trade Certified, B-Corporation, Rainforest Alliance, Forest Stewardship Council

LinkedIn banner example with Boost logo
This is a fictional!

2) Key company figures

Whether your company is providing products or services, you surely have a handful of numbers providing an overview of your activities and impact.

This holds especially true if you've been in business for a while, and already worked with a large set of clients, and completed a number of projects.

Examples of figures you can feature on your LinkedIn background image:

  • The number of clients helped: "+500 satisfied customers"

  • Your ratings: "4,9 average on Trustpilot"

  • Your products launched "100+ products launched every year"

LinkedIn banner example

3) Promotional slogans

Company slogans are a large part of an organisation's identity. A company slogan is an impactful one-liner stating what you stand for and the value your company brings to clients.

What better place than your LinkedIn banner to expose visitors to what you stand for?

Examples of slogans you can feature on your LinkedIn background image:

Scientific LinkedIn banner idea

4) Team and office photographs

Your LinkedIn cover image is also a great place to showcase those who contributed to your company's development and success. Perhaps you took a team picture at a recent company event. If your company's talent and the "human element" is a large selling point for your organisation, using a company photo as a LinkedIn banner may be a good idea for you.

This has the potential of giving faces to your company and helping customers identify with your organisation in an easier fashion. Before you upload a company picture as a LinkedIn banner, make sure you have everyone's approval!

Examples of a team picture you can feature on your LinkedIn background image:

Team on LinkedIn banner example

5) Products and services

Your LinkedIn banner can also be an interesting place for your to promote your products and services.

You may have a flagship product which perfectly illustrates your company or an easy-to-graphically illustrate service. This might also be interesting for you for a recently launched product. To give your products and services the exposure they need, create a colourful LinkedIn banner presenting them with complementary descriptions.

Examples of product and services pictures you can feature on your LinkedIn banner:

LinkedIn banner presenting social media services

6) Upcoming events

Attending a major trade fair or exhibition? An internationally-recognised event where customers can meet you? Make sure to update your LinkedIn banner and tell your audience you'll be attending this event!

If you have the privilege of holding a booth, your LinkedIn banner will also be a great place for you to indicate your booth number and in which section of the trade fair clients can find you for example.

Examples of event participation you can feature on your LinkedIn banner:

Event attendance LinkedIn banner example

7) Calls to action

A well-crafted LinkedIn banner can also help your company profile stand out and attract leads and customers by calling for a specific action.

This can be especially powerful if you have freemium business models or samples that customers can try for free, simply by creating an account on your website or subscribing to your newsletter for example.

Examples of calls-to-action you can feature on your LinkedIn banner:

  • "Subscribe to our newsletter today and get -10% off your next order!"

  • "Visit our website and purchase your early bird ticket today!"

  • "Want to know more about our products? Click on the link in our profile below!"

  • "Visit our platform and sign up for a free 30-day trial!"

LinkedIn cover photo with call to action


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