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English Speaking Jobs Amsterdam: Start-ups Hiring (2022)

Updated: Aug 28, 2022


In September 2021, LinkedIn posted a ranking of the Top 10 Dutch start-ups that year.

While the ranking was published in Dutch, most of these companies, based in Amsterdam, happen to hire internationals, more specifically, English speakers.

We thus deemed it useful to list these ranked companies, provide a description of their activities, and check whether they had job openings for international job seekers. Which they have!

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How these companies were chosen

As explained above, the list below consists of start-ups based in Amsterdam or close to Amsterdam ranked in the LinkedIn "Top 10 Startups Nederland" ranking 2021.

In addition, we checked whether these companies were:

  • Still active and recruiting in 2022

  • Open to recruiting English speakers

  • Home to an international team

8 Dutch start-ups currently hiring English speakers

LinkedIn Top Startups Nederland

1) Pic Nic Technologies

Pic Nic logo

Pic Nic Technologies is a grocery delivery company, nominated as "LinkedIn Top Startup Nederland", the number 1 Dutch start-up of the year (2021). If you're living in the Netherlands, you have probably seen Pic Nic's electric delivery vans drive around the city.

While also offering jobs in France and Germany, Pic Nic has many openings for English-speaking jobs in Amsterdam. Given its international expansion, the company is growing its diverse team in all 3 countries! Check out their latest job openings on the careers page.

Among the typical English-speaking jobs in Amsterdam offered by Pic Nic Technologies:

  • Project Engineer

  • Creative Director Photography

  • Junior Product Designer

  • UX/UI Design Intern

  • Software Thesis Internship

2) Otrium

Otrium logo

Otrium is an online fashion marketplace focusing its efforts on getting the remaining stocks of designer clothes sold. The company takes great pride in helping solve the issue of fast fashion, helping individuals access designer brands for lower prices, and solving the seasonality and "unsold & wasted" products issue in the industry.

Having raised no less than 100 million euros in 2021, Otrium operates in the United States and 11 countries across Europe. The international company also has an office in the Netherlands, offering many jobs in Amsterdam! Check out their job portal today to see if any open position can pique your interest.

Among the typical English-speaking job opportunities offered by Otrium in Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

  • SEO Lead

  • Head of Data Analytics

  • DevOps Engineer

  • Key Account Manager

  • Commercial Strategy Internship

Before you send your application to Otrium or any of the companies below, make sure you read our article on best CV writing practices to update your CV and showcase your profile in the best possible way!

3) Felyx

felyx logo

Felyx is a shared e-scooter sharing platform. Again, if you're living in the Netherlands, you've probably seen felyx scooters riding around the city you're based in. Felyx advocates for more sustainable urban transport and has seduced not only users across 15 cities in the Netherlands and Germany but also investors.

Recently, the Dutch scale-up raised 24 million euros to expand to Germany and France. The Amsterdam-headquartered company is thus looking to grow its international team, which is great news for you: many full-time English-speaking jobs are up for grabs in their Amsterdam office! Check out felyx's latest vacancies on the company career page.

What is great about jobs at felyx is you're likely to find an opportunity, regardless of your level of education and expertise.

Among the typical English-speaking jobs offered by felyx:

  • Scooter Support Agent

  • Scooter Repair Agent

  • Mechanic

  • DevOps Engineer

  • Supply Chain Manager

  • IT Support Engineer Intern

4) Lightyear

Lightyear logo

Founded in 2016 in Brabant, Lightyear develops electric cars incorporating solar panels to recharge themselves. Yes, their cars charge themselves with sunlight... and are produced in Finland. At the date and time of this article, Lightyear employs 544 workers, including interns. The business takes great pride in having assembled an international team, with individuals from 43 different nationalities.

Needless to say, language isn't a barrier at Lightyear. Having raised 93 million euros in 2021, the North-Brabant headquartered scale-up has 100+ open job vacancies, in Helmond, a 13-minute train ride from Eindhoven. While not based in Amsterdam, Lightyear offers the possibility to work remotely for almost all its positions, which is why we took the liberty to include it in this list, for Amsterdam-based English-speaking job seekers.

Among the typical English-speaking jobs offered by Lightyear:

  • Customer Onboarding Internship

  • Graduation Internship: Solar Engineering

  • iOS Developer

  • Leadership Team Coordinator

  • Supply Chain Engineer

  • Thesis: Power Electronics / Electrical Engineering

5) Fourthline

Fourthline logo

Fourthline ranks as the 6th "LinkedIn Top Startup Nederland" and also has many open full-time job vacancies for international job seekers and those who speak the English language. In a nutshell, the company has built tools to help businesses (especially banks, insurance companies and fintech) authenticate their customers online, in the fastest and most secure possible way.

Fourthline is headquartered in a great location, right in the centre of Amsterdam, in the Negen Straatjes District. Whether you're looking for a job in technology, marketing, finance, sales, or the development department, Fourthline may have positions that might make you want to join them!

Among the typical international jobs offered by Fourthline:

  • Tech People Business Partner

  • Brand Designer

  • PR & Communications Manager

  • R&D Machine Learning Engineer

  • Employer Branding Specialist

6) Gospooky

GoSpooky logo

Another Dutch start-up offering jobs in Amsterdam: Gospooky. Gospooky is a social media marketing agency working with very large corporations to improve their social media reach and impact. Its headquarters are in Amsterdam, Holland, in quite a nice location, next to the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam.

Language is not a barrier at Gospooky and many of their open vacancies only require a perfect use of the English language. If working with large groups, and social media are among your passions, you might want to consider joining their English-friendly team in Amsterdam!

Among the typical international jobs offered by Gospooky in Amsterdam:

  • Client Lead

  • Project Management Intern

  • Development Lead

  • Production Intern

  • Project Manager

7) Gisou

Gisou logo

Gisou is a cosmetics brand developing honey-based products for hair, face and body treatment. The company's foundations rely on its founders' six-generation beekeeping heritage, which fosters the preservation of bees and their ecosystems while developing products benefitting its customers.

In terms of location, Gisou is headquartered in Almere, about 30-minute from Amsterdam Centraal by train. However, the business will be opening a new office in Amsterdam, in September 2022! Gisou welcomes English speakers to its team, and currently has a number of job openings.

Among the typical jobs offered by Gisou for English speakers in Amsterdam:

  • Internship in Wholesale Marketing

  • Recruiter

  • Office Assistant Internship

  • E-commerce Internship

8) Zivver

Zivver logo

Among the start-ups based in Amsterdam and currently hiring: Zivver. Zivver is a digital communications platform for businesses, aiming to provide secure email, prevent data leaks and protect corporate communications, notably in the legal, healthcare, education, and financial industries.

Zivver is headquartered in Amsterdam, right next to the Rembrandtpark. Not a bad location for a nice break in a green area, eh? Beyond its location, the best part of Zivver is, that the company has no language barriers in its office and only requires you to speak English, especially for technology jobs. Check out their current job openings on their career page.

Among the typical jobs offered by Zivver for English speakers in Amsterdam:

  • Product Designer

  • Technical Support Engineer

  • Data Engineer

  • Software Engineer

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